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Elite 2,3,4 Panel Interfolder

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Our Elite 2, 3, 4 Panel Interfolder produces a variety of products ranging from interfolded toilet tissue to industrial or kitchen wipes. Multiple substrates, plies and fold configurations allow the flexibility to meet varied product specifications.

In addition to standard paper towels, our interfolder also convert air-laid materials, through-air-dried (TAD) tissue, non-wovens, and other foldable substrates. Fully automated, the 2, 3, 4 Panel Interfolder is equipped with features that make it easy to operate. The programmable tab-bond cutoff system and automatically adjustable product count increase efficiency and allows quick product changeovers.

Models available for web widths up to 130" (3.3 m).

Elite 2, 3, 4-Panel Interfolder
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