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Elite 2,3,4 Panel Interfolder

Standard Features
Options & Upgrades

Unwind Stand Configurations   Calendering Stations
Unwind Stand
  • Several floor and overhead loading styles available
  • Slit and turn stations also available
  Calendering Station
  • Open and closed nip calender stations
Embossing Units   Laminators/Combining Embossing Units
Embossing Unit
  • Rubber-to-Steel
  • Point-to-Point
  • Nested
  • Enclosed cavity or fountain roll glue systems
Folding Head   Automatic Packaging
Folding Head
  • Automatic indexing feature for knife rolls
  • Pneumatically-loaded ply-bonding assembly
  • High compression paper banding
  • Interface to poly overwrapper
Orbital Log Saw   Log Accumulators
Log Saw
  • Dual-lane configuration for higher output requirements
  • Accumulation tray for small quantity
  • Serpentine design for high capacity
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