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Audits and Upgrades

Bretting Services Department has developed three Audit Packages, each designed to provide services based on your specific machinery needs. Our Services Group is able to provide you with a straight-forward audit service, making appropriate upgrade recommendations to enhance your machine's productivity and efficiency.

Additional services may be purchased with the Audit Packages, Fine Tuning and Adjustment services or centerline services are available in the General Machine Audit and Thorough Machine Audit.

Soon you will be able to see a full listing of available Machine Upgrades designed and implemented by our experienced Services personnel. Machine Upgrade information will be available through our VIP site, so stay tuned for these useful changes!

Engineering Audit  

Developed to make you aware of the latest in equipment upgrades that could benefit machine reliability, maintenance requirements and durability, throughput, and improved overall machine efficiency.

One of our Service Representatives will visit your facility and remain your contact throughout the Audit process.


  • One Bretting representative to meet with you and discuss equipment issues
  • Information on the latest upgrade innovations
  • Alternative parts discussion for obsolete items
  • Follow-up package with proposal and required information
  • Recommendation of possible upgrades for your existing equipment

Does NOT include:

  • Any fine tuning or adjusting of equipment during this audit

Approximately two machines can be audited per day depending on size.

General Machine Audit  

This full day* General Machine Audit takes advantage of all Engineering Audit services but also includes 4 hours of equipment tuning by one of our experienced Field Service Technicians.


  • All items from Engineering Audit
  • One Bretting Technician to meet with you and discuss equipment issues
  • Four hours of fine tuning and adjustments
  • One machine per day (four hours of auditing machine and four hours of tuning and adjustments)
  • Follow-up package

Does NOT include:

  • Installation of parts, rebuilds, etc.

A 30 day notice of General Machine Audit is required.

*Full day is equal to (8) eight hours.

Thorough Machine Audit  

An extensive machine inspection and an overview of the total converting operation. 3 (10) ten hour days of Auditing will encompass our Thorough Machine Audit and will be conducted by two of our Technicians - one mechanical technician and one electrical technician.


  • All items from Engineering and General Machine Audits
  • Machine will be centerlined and inspected for worn or damaged parts, evaluate maintenance schedules, listen to operators concerns and discuss machine upgrades that are available for the machine.
  • Observation of machine operation and recommendations for changes that could increase machine and operator efficiencies.

Does NOT include:

  • Installation of parts, rebuilds, etc.

A 30 day notice of Thorough Machine Audit is required. We require the previous two months production data and electrical program two weeks in advance of the in-house visit. Machine will be shut down for a major portion of the day shift.

Audit Contact Information  

Ph: 715.682.5231
Fax: 715.682.4138

Interfolder upgrade email:
Greg Hebert
Folder upgrade email: Joe Olson
Electrical upgrade email: Scott Weiss


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