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Emboss Upgrades

Emboss Unit Upgrades

Embosser Rotary Brushes Upgrade Embosser Rotary Brushes

Machines without rotary brushes can have issues with dust build up and stickies that can cause web breaks and costly embossing roll damage. Rotary brushes help keep rolls cleaner and are available as driven or non-driven.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Cleaner Embossing Rolls
  2. Better Emboss definition
  3. Reduced web breaks
  1. Rotary Brushes
  2. Sheaves
  3. Belts
  4. Bearings
  5. Mounting Hardware
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Motorized Embossing Nip Adjustments Upgrade Motorized Embossing Nip Adjustment

Machines with manual nip adjusters require the operator to shut down the machine or walk back to the embosser and adjust the nip setting manually. The Motorized Embossing Nip Adjustment upgrade gives the operator the ability to accurately adjust the embossing settings from the operator station while the machine is still running. Available with digital readouts.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Adjust emboss unit nip setting from the operator station
  2. Adjustments possible while machine is running
  1. Gearbox
  2. Drive motor
  3. Sprockets
  4. Torque limiter
  5. Selector switches
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Upgrades Contact Information  

Interfolder upgrade email: Greg Hebert
Folder upgrade email: Joe Olson
Electrical upgrade email: Scott Weiss


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