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Folder Upgrades

Folder Upgrades

Aux. Pressure Roll Auxiliary Pressure Roll

The original singlefold machine design used an idler roll to wrap the sheet prior to the bed roll. This design replaces the idler roll with a coated pressure roll, available driven or non-driven.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. improves cut off and makes web threading easier and safer
  1. Auxiliary pressure rolls with bearings
  2. Gears
  3. Air cylinders
  4. Mounting Brackets
Carbon Fiber Brush Carbon Fiber Brush

This brush can be used as an addition or to replace some of your existing static eliminating devices.

  Upgrades Includes
  1. Static eliminating brush
  2. Mounting bar and brackets
Compliance Shear Cut-off System Compliance Shear Cut-off System

The standard cut off system for multifold and singlefold machines utilized a serrated blade for sheet cut off. The serrated blade leaves a jagged edge while the compliance shear leaves a clean cut edge.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Able to run up to 20 percent paper stretch
  2. Clean cut edge
  3. Depth of the blade can be adjusted with a nip adjustment
  1. Shear cut off blade holder and blades
  2. Anvil roll
  3. V track slides
  4. Air cylinders and mounts
  5. Servo-driven feed rolls
Feed Roll Adjustment Extension Feed Roll Adjustment Extensions

Typically the feed roll adjustment is located inside the guard enclosure and adjusting the feed roll must be done with the machine stopped.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Enables the feed roll to be safely adjusted while the machine is running
  1. Feed roll adjustment extension
  2. Extension mount
Folding Roll Cam Arms Improved Folding Roll Cam Arms

The original design of the folding roll cam arm used solid spools for the cam rollers and were prone to freeze up and damage the folding roll cams.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Eliminates folding roll cam damage
  2. Longer life
  1. Cam arm
  2. Stud
  3. Bearing
Transfer Roll Increased Transfer Roll Gap

Older singlefold machines had a smaller bed roll gap which caused the vacuum to pull the sheets from roll to roll which resulted in increased folder jams.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Reduces the amount of folder jams
  1. Bed roll gears
  2. Web guides
  3. Web guide bar
Lap Roll Jam Detection Lap Roll Jam Detection

The original photo eye jam detection used a control base and a receiver with a time delay relay. The eye was difficult to set up and unreliable for jam detection.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Quicker response
  2. More consistent jam detection
  1. Photo eye
  2. Photo eye mount
  3. Reflector
Lap Roll Vacuum Control Valves Lap Roll Vacuum Control Valves

Multifold machines without this control valve would experience inconsistent sheet transfer from the lap roll to the folding rolls.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Improves fold quality
  1. Adjustment valve
  2. Gauge
  3. Fittings
Lap Roll with Air Assist Lap Roll with Air Assist

The original machine design used a mechanical flipper bar to assist the sheet overlap.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Provides a more consistent sheet overlap, especially on softer sheets
  1. Lap roll with journals
  2. Air assist valves and slides
  3. Pins and springs
  4. Nipples
  5. Timing brackets
  6. Solenoid and plumbing hardware
Myer Folder Overload Clutch Myer Folder Overload Clutch

Some machines weren't equipped with overload clutches and some machines have Centric brand clutches. The Centric clutches are difficult to reset and can fail to detect a jam.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Reduces the chance of damage to the machine if a jam occurs
  1. Myer overload clutch
  2. Drive shaft
  3. Overload switch
Pneumatic Score Slitter Assemblies Pneumatic Score Slitter Assemblies

Machines with manual slitters are more difficult to adjust and require the operator to adjust the slitters more frequently.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Easier operator adjustment
  2. Increased slitter blade life
  1. Pneumatic slitter assemblies
  2. Micro adjust regulators
  3. Mounting bar
  4. Felt wipes
  5. Plumbing
Pressure Oil System Pressurized Oil System

The gravity feed lube system provided an unreliable oil feed and were difficult to fill because they needed to be mounted above the machine.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Accurate
  2. Consistent flow for slitter or gear lubrication
  3. Can be mounted anywhere on the machine
  1. Pressurized pump with gauge
  2. Solenoid
  3. Injectors
Ratchet Wrench Ratchet Wrench

The original machine design used a handwheel on the operators side to manually rotate the folder.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Elimination of the handwheel
  2. Easier machine rotation
  3. Better view of the inside of the machine while turning the machine over
  1. Ratchet wrench
  2. Safety switch with mount
  3. Wrench adapter
Replacement Folding Rolls Replacement Folding Rolls

As folding rolls wear, the run speed and fold quality decrease.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Better fold quality
  2. Increased run speed
  3. Less down time
  1. Folding rolls
  2. Gears
  3. Housings and bearings
  4. Cam arms and cams
  5. Tuckers and housings
Singlefold Web Threader Singlefold Web Threader

Some singlefold machines weren't equipped with web threaders. The web threader has slits cut into the belt for inserting the paper to assist with threading, available driven or non-driven.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Safer
  2. Easier
  3. More positive web threading
  1. Web thread clutch
  2. Pulleys and mounts
  3. Sheaves and bushings
  4. Web thread belt with slits
Slow Response Web Alignment Slow Response Web Alignment

The operator typically has to manually adjust the web alignment with an adjustment switch on the operator station and monitor it while the machine is running.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Web alignment is maintained automatically using photo eyes to sense web movement
  2. Automatically correct itself
  1. Photo eyes with connectors
  2. Cables
  3. Mounting hardware
  4. Necessary programming
Trim Removal System Trim Removal System

This system allows you to edge trim in the machine and remove the trim from the machine.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Edge trims the paper as needed
  2. Complete system
  3. Able to deliver the trim to a specific pre-determined area
  1. Tidland slitters, anvils and mounts
  2. Trim tubes
  3. Trim blower motor
  4. On/off switch with programming
Tubular Pressure Roll Tubular Pressure Roll

The original pressure roll design utilized a solid roll.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Lightweight pressure roll
  2. Easier to install
  3. Lasts longer
  1. Tubular pressure roll with journals
  2. Housings
  3. Bearings
Tucker Housing Tucker Housing

The original tucker housings were one piece and, when the housing wore out, the entire housing had to be replaced.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Housings last longer
  2. Replaceable bushings
  1. Tucker housing
  2. Replaceable bushing
Vacuum Valves with Cleanout Plates Vacuum Valves with Cleanout Plates

The vacuum valves should be removed and cleaned periodically which is time consuming.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Allows the valves to remain in place for cleaning
  1. Vacuum valves
  2. Removable clean out plates
  3. Hose adapters
Wear Plates under Rolls Wear Plates under Rolls

Pre-1990, interfolder machines didn't have wear plates under the folding rolls. If the folding roll bolts loosened up or the rolls vibrated, the frame under the folding roll would wear. This would require extensive repair to the frames.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Eliminates permanent frame damage
  1. Replaceable wear plates
  2. Rework prints for the folder frames
Wider Retard Rolls Wider Retard Rolls

The original multifold machine design had the slitters located with the retard roll assembly, making the retard rolls narrower. The slitters were re-located and wider retard rolls became standard.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. More consistent sheet feed to the folding rolls, resulting in a reduced chance of sheet skewing
  1. Wider retard rolls
  2. Shafts
  3. Sheaves
  4. Bearings
Wider Vacuum Valves Wider Vacuum Valves

The original vacuum valves were 1" wide and had holes drilled for the valve pins. The upgraded valves are 2" wide and have hardened drill bushing inserts for the pins.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Larger vacuum hoses
  2. Increased vacuum volume
  3. Better sheet control
  4. Improved cut off
  5. Longer life
  1. Vacuum valves and slides
  2. Hose adapters
  3. Timing brackets
Upgrades Contact Information  

Interfolder upgrade email: Greg Hebert
Folder upgrade email: Joe Olson
Electrical upgrade email: Scott Weiss


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