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Unwind Stand Upgrades

Unwind Stand Upgrades

Unwind Stand Reversing Gearbox Upgrade Unwind Stand Reversing Gear Box

Machines that have a one-way gear box requires that the gear box be removed and flipped to allow that parent roll to be run in the opposite direction. The Unwind Stand Reversing Gear Box has the ability to easily change the gearbox to run the parent roll in either direction.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Allows unwind stand to be run in either direction without manually modifying the unwind gear box
  1. Reversing gear box
  2. Gear box mounts
Pneumatic Core Eject System Pneumatic Core Eject System

The original core eject system utilized cylinder, chains, and sprockets with a cross shaft to keep them in time. The new system eliminates the chains, sprockets, and cross shaft. The Pneumatic Core Eject System upgrade has more powerful core eject arms that don't require timing and eliminates the chain feature.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. More powerful core eject arms that don't rely on chains or shafts for timing.
  1. Core eject arms
  2. Air cylinders
  3. Mounting brackets
Parent Roll Splice Detection System Upgrade Parent Roll Splice Detection System

Machines without a splice detection system require the operator to watch the parent roll for an upcoming splice. The Parent Roll Splice Detection System has a photo eye which is adjustable and will alert the operator of an upcoming splice without having to monitor the splice.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. No need for splice monitoring by the machine operator.
  1. Photo eye
  2. Adjustable photo eye mount
  3. Necessary programming changes to accommodate detect system
Parent Roll Spindle Brake Upgrade Parent Roll Spindle Brake

The operator can have difficulty holding the parent roll in one position while splicing or skinning the parent roll. The Parent Roll Spindle Brake upgrade has the ability to safely hold the parent roll in one position while performing parent roll functions.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Holds the parent safely in one position allowing the operator greater mobility.
  1. Pneumatic brake
  2. Plumbing fittings and hose
  3. Solenoid and regulator
  4. Push button programming
Parent Roll Low Detection Parent Roll Low Detection

The Parent Roll Low Detection upgrade alerts the operator to a low parent roll with an alarm or light.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Detects low roll automatically
  1. Photo eye
  2. Adjustable mount
  3. Necessary programming
Parent Roll Loader Upgrade Parent Roll Loader

The Parent Roll Loader upgrade allows the operator to load the parent roll without handling the core chucks or needing additional equipment.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Easy loading of parent roll
  1. Complete roll loader assembly
Motorized Web Threader Motorized Web Threader

Machines without web threaders are difficult and more time consuming to thread up and often require two people. The Motorized Web Threader upgrade reduces the time spent threading the machine, is easier and safe to use and can be operated by one person.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Easy and safe thread-up by one person.
  1. Motor, gearbox, clutch and brake
  2. Thread up belt with slots
  3. Pulleys and bearings
  4. Mounts
Replacement for Foxboro Tension Controller Upgrade Replacement for Foxboro Tension Controller

Foxboro Power Tensioner System is no longer available and can be replaced with the SMC cylinder controls.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Current technology
  1. SMC cylinder
  2. Filter system
  3. Adjusting mechanism
  4. Mounts
Web Break Detection Upgrade Web Break Detection

The Web Break Detection upgrade will shut down the machine sooner and will save time during rethreading the machine.

Benefits Upgrades Includes
  1. Faster machine shut down when web breaks are detected
  2. Saves time when rethreading the machine
  1. Photo eyes
  2. Mounting system
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Interfolder upgrade email: Greg Hebert
Folder upgrade email: Joe Olson
Electrical upgrade email: Scott Weiss


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