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Audit and Upgrade Services

This pages contains a complete list of the Upgrades currently offered by C. G. Bretting Manufacturing Company Inc.

Unwind Stand Upgrades [Interfolders] Emboss Unit Upgrades [Interfolders]

Unwind Stand Reversing Gear Box
Pneumatic Core Eject System
Parent Roll Splice Detection System
Parent Roll Spindle Brake
Parent Roll Low Roll Detection
Parent Roll Loader
Motorized Web Thread
Replacement for Foxboro Tension Controller
Web Break Detection

Embosser Rotary Brushes
Motorized Embossing Nip Adjustment
Bander Upgrades [Interfolders] Folding Head Upgrades [Interfolders]

Aluminum Sleeve Guides
Speith Coupling Clamping Sleeves
Sleeve Hold Vacuum Assist
Servo Drive Paddle Conveyor
Rubber Sleeve Hold Bumpers
Programmable Hot Melt Glue Controller
Paddle Conveyor Belt Addition
Larger Separator Carriage Brake
Hydraulic Transfer Thru System
Count Trip Relocation
Count System Phasing
Compression Plate Safety Lockup Addition
Compression Guide Safety Brake
Bander Slitter Loading from the Bottom Up
Bander Sleeve Thread Assist Belt
Traversing Hot Melt Glue System

Auxiliary Pressure Roll
Carbon Fiber Brush
Compliance Shear Cut-off System
Feed Roll Adjustment Extensions
Improved Folding Roll Cam Arms
Increased Transfer Roll Gap
Lap Roll Jam Detection
Lap Roll Vacuum Control Valves
Lap Roll with Air Assist
Mayer Folder Overload Clutch
Pneumatic Score Slitter Assemblies
Pressurized Oil System
Ratchet Wrench
Replacement Folding Rolls
Singlefold Web Threader
Slow Response Web Alignment
Trim Removal System
Tubular Pressure Roll
Tucker Housing
Vacuum Valves with Cleanout Plates
Wear Plates under Rolls
Wider Retard Rolls
Wider Vacuum Valves

Upgrades Contact Information  

Ph: 715.682.5231
Fax: 715.682.4138

Interfolder upgrade email: Greg Hebert
Folder upgrade email: Joe Olson
Electrical upgrade email: Scott Weiss


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