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The innovative Bretting Industrial Roll Log Saw is creating a buzz in the market. A single head, dual lane industrial log saw, for converting jumbo Toilet Rolls and jumbo Wound Toweling. The infeed conveyor accepts two logs from a loader* and indexes both logs simultaneously to the saw, cutting two clips per index. A single lane saw is available.

The rotating log clamp system spins the log as it’s being cut. Since the blade penetrates the log only as far as the inside diameter of the cores, the results are no damage to the core and biased cuts are eliminated. Because the log is rotating, there is minimal blade friction in the product. This means there is very little heat build-up in the blade; in turn, the blade does not require any type of blade cooling like most other saws in the market.

The Bretting Industrial Roll Log Saw can be incorporated into an existing rewinder line - more than likely increasing productivity and quality. This saw is ideal for higher density logs. Maintenance of this equipment can be performed comfortably - guards are mounted on hinges, providing adequate space around the saws, and the blade mounting is cantilevered. The automatic blade grinding system is programmable and can be easily adjusted while the guards are still in place. An automatic lubrication system is available, but the provided manual lube points are easy to access.

* Log loading assembly is optional - requires photos, drawings and dimensions from customer and a Bretting engineering review (mechanical and electrical) to discuss how to build a loader. Defective log reject is not included with saw.

Hardwound Logsaw Machine
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