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Machine Components
In-Line Bander Bulk Pack Poly Wrapper Flat Pack Poly Wrapper

The fully automatic bulk pack and flat pack wrappers are some of the most reliable and versatile wrappers available today.  Innovative sequential servo motor technology and rapid, easy size changeovers are part of their thoughtful design to achieve top performance in packaging bulk pack napkins using low gauge printed polyethylene or polypropylene packaging material.

The servo motors provide continual and constant positive control of the product and the wrapping material.  They also minimize the utilization of mechanical wearing parts and increase machine changeover capability.

Hardwound Log Saw  
Industrial Roll Log Saw

The innovative Bretting Industrial Roll Log Saw is creating a buzz in the market. A single head, dual lane industrial log saw, for converting jumbo Toilet Rolls and Jumbo Wound Toweling.

The Bretting Industrial Roll Log Saw can be incorporated into an existing rewinder line - more than likely increasing productivity and quality. This saw is ideal for higher density logs. Maintenance of this equipment can be performed comfortably - guards are mounted on hinges, providing adequate space around the saws, and the blade mounting is cantilevered.

In-Line Bander In-Line Bander

Creating a high quality finished paper banded product in the least amount of time has never been easier and more flexible! The versatile Bretting In-Line Bander can quickly band either clips or logs of folded or interfolded product.

This in-line style bander can be integrated into new machine complexes or operated as a stand alone unit, making it possible to be positioned in any location. Profit from taking advantage of unused floor space; it is not required to place the bander at the end of a machine. Conveyor systems, accumulators and other devices can be included to complete any manual or automatic production complex.

Napkin Laminator Napkin Laminator

The innovative Napkin Laminator is pneumatically-loaded to accomplish nested ply lamination with cold adhesive. It is designed for point-to-point or nested embossing and units can be designed to be capable of both types depending on the engraving and options selected.

It has an electronic drive enabling easier integration into existing converting lines.

Flexo Printer Flexographic Printers

Our line of flexographic printers ranges from narrow web LCi presses to the wide widths up to 119" of our G-Class presses.

Orbital Log Saw Orbital Log Saw

The highly flexible Orbital Log Saw accepts Interfolded logs from a belt transfer conveyor or an accumulation tray, with upper and lower belting to provide more control of the log during the sawing. Any package length can be programmed and stored, with different product codes easily accessed through the a keypad to provide quick product changeovers.

Safety is always a concern - the fully enclosed unit has hinged guards to provide easy access to saw components, the blade mounting is cantilevered for ease of maintenance and brakes are provided to stop both blade rotation and the swing of the blade mounting arm.


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