Proven, reliable vacuum technology provides exceptional product quality along with the ability to produce many different product sizes.

  • LCi Napkin Folder
    UsesThe LCi Napkin Folder is the answer to a dynamic and demanding marketplace. These folders can produce both quarter-fold and double-transverse folded products in multiple package size configurations.
    Web WidthUp to 135” (3430 mm)
    Lanes2, 4
    SubstratesBleached, Kraft, TAD, Air-laid, DRC, non-wovens and other structured sheets
    ProductsQuarter-fold, eighth-fold, M, V, C, Z, W and others.
    Product SizeVariable cutoff system allows production of a wide array of product sizes.
    FeaturesModular component design allowing the ability for future expansions.
    Floor level design for ease of access.
    Options for automatic roll changing and auto-splice
    CalenderingOpen nip (wedge blocks)
    Closed nip (skewed rolls)
    PrintingDigital – CMYK continuous stream inkjet
    Flexographic LCi (up to 6 colors)
    Flexographic Premium (up to 4 colors)
    EmbossingMatched Steel
    Web CoatingSingle-sided
    SeparatingFlat Pack
    Bulk Pack
    Manual Tray
    PackagingFlat Pack Polywrapper
    Bulk Pack Polywrapper
    Paper Overwrapper
    Paper Banded