The ultimate in vacuum folding equipment paired with
continuous-stream inkjet technology.

    UsesATOM is a perfect fit for the specialty print and short-run napkin markets. Our team of experts used a market-driven approach in the design of ATOM, resulting in a competitively-priced solution that provides the ideal combination of speed and versatility.
    Web WidthSingle-lane web widths up to 17” (432 mm)
    SpeedsUp to 1500 ft./min (457 m/min) solid color or Flexographic
    Up to 1450 ft./min (442 m/min) inkjet print 600 x 400 dpi
    Up to 1000 ft./min (305 m/min) inkjet print 600 x 600 dpi
    Cutoff Ranges8 to 10” (203 to 254 mm)
    11 to 13” (280 to 330 mm)
    15 to 17” (381 to 432 mm)
    SubstratesBleached, Kraft, TAD, Air-laid, DRC, non-wovens and other structured sheets
    ProductsQuarter-fold, eighth-fold, M, V, C, Z, W and others
    InkDirect Food Contact: Kodak Personal Care Inks (ISEGA Number 51499 U 20)
    Indirect Food Contact: Kodak Packaging Inks