Parts Manufacturer for Most OEM Supplied Equipment

Excellence through Experience

Our skilled workforce is dedicated to delivering on-time results that meet your high expectations for 130 years. Reinvestment in new and upgraded equipment provides us the ability to grow and stay ahead of the industry.

We can help!
OEM Solutions provides an alternative for non-Bretting equipment replacement parts that meet or exceed their original specifications in form, fit, and function. What began as a collaborative effort with two mills, has flourished into 52 mills worldwide and still growing.

How it Works
Our sales representative travels the country visiting warehouses and storerooms reviewing inventory lists, part numbers, taking measurements, and gathering samples. Samples are sent to our corporate office. Members from COP (customer order processing), engineering, and the machine shop model, price, catalog, and manufacture your parts. The end result – quality parts and reliable delivery for our customers.

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Bretting Manufacturing

  • Committed to quality
  • Delivering results on-time
  • Using the latest technology
  • Supplying affordable, quality parts for any machinery
  • Focus on total value solutions



Our catalog contains over 600 parts with solid models and detailed prints. Parts are cross-referenced so customers can order parts for non‑Bretting equipment as effortlessly as standard Bretting parts.

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